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Travelling With The User – My Talk At The Bulgarian Web Summit

A couple of months ago, my friend and organiser of the Bulgarian Web Summit annual gathering, Bogomil Shopov, invited me to speak at the event about “Content travelling with the user”.

At first, I was wondering why a digital strategy and marketing guy like myself is invited to speak in front of an audience vastly consisting of programmers, developers, and designers. I heard previously about the conference and I knew that at the Bulgarian Web Summit most of the topics were a hardcore tech. I presumed the crowd wanted that and expected it from the speakers.

On the other hand, me speaking at such an event would allow me to offer the point of view of marketing people. After all, we do work together. We bring products, apps, platforms, and other things based on cooperation – us the content, the code, and visuals.

And this is how my idea to talk about content traveling with the user was born.

This is a very large topic, which couldn’t possibly be exhausted in just 45 minutes’ talk. Besides, I didn’t want to build it around the “content out” approach to design and delivery. I would have lost the audience somewhere at the beginning of my presentation. Instead, I decided to imply it, by offering my reflections on the past, present, and future of content. Also, I set on offering the top 10 things I’ve noticed in my career and projects that often divided the marketing and the technical side of the team.

Although this my first time speaking in front of a live audience bigger than 50 people, I believe it went well. Many kept their eyes on me and my slides and reacted to the things I was saying. At some point, I realised that there is nothing scary about engaging some 400 people. Especially talking about content travelling with the user.

As usual, during the Q&A session at the end, it took some time for people to start asking, but nonetheless, all questions were well-formed and thoughtful. A lady, working as a marketer at an IT firm, asked me about the best approach to talking and understanding technical people. My answer included constant communication, empathy, and naturally beer. Another one asked me about the future top channel to engage with users. Virtual Reality was my bet. A man asked about bringing a startup to the digital channels and what would be the best and cheapest approach. A well-produced and thoughtful website was my first choice as a centre to their digital presence.

At the Bulgarian Web Summit, I’ve got to meet amazing speakers, a hungry audience, and old friends. It was a great experience and I am currently thinking of whether I should try to speak at other conferences.

Special thanks to Bogo, Alex, and everyone else involved with the organisation and management of this great event!

I would recommend you visiting next year’s instalment of the Bulgarian Web Summit and spend some time in Sofia and Bulgaria. It is well worth it.

Travelling with the User Posts

I have also published a few posts written based on my presentation. Here, you can access them:

Travelling with the User Preso

Below, you will find my slides from the conference. I plan to expand on my reflections on content through short blog posts in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned!

And if you were at the #17BWS, drop a line in the comment section and stay in touch on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Photo Credit: Stilyana Yaneva

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