Shifting gears

Shifting Gears – Or Trying Something New

It feels a lot like shifting gears … For the past a little bit over ten years, I have been mostly in Park mode. Only for my freelance digital consulting projects, that is. But it sure looked to me like a parked car.

Through the decade, I was working full time as a digital marketing manager in a number of business entities. But the fact that I was closed within the frames of the industry was preventing me from learning more, experimenting more, experiencing more. And this led me to seek small projects outside of my work environment and in my own free time.

These small projects brought an incredible amount of experience and ideas in a variety of fields and industries. They started with writing history on the Internet together with a former classmate of mine and then the artist manager of a prominent musical project. We were the first ones to create a user-generated song with the fans completely online. This type of applying innovation and creativity elevated me.

Later on, I worked with businesses and individual who wanted to do more online or create some from scratch – business consulting agencies, small business owners, a friend who has successfully fought and won the battle with leukemia and wanted to share her experience, startups, cousins and other family members and friends. Everyone wanted to do something online and I was there to help.

After all these different experiences and someone before the start of the summer, I started contemplating the idea of me shifting gears from Park to start jumping the motor and moving into first, then second, and eventually getting into Cruising. This time for real and on my own. No more confinement within a job description, a direct line manager, dotted line reporting, internal marketing, etc.

As of this moment (actually, since the last couple of weeks that I have worked on my setup), I am joining the traffic on the gig economy highway. I’ll be the driver keeping to the right, a bit insecure at first and awkwardly moving my eye between the rear mirror, the dashboard display, and not hearing what the radio says, hoping that I will get the confidence to move into Cruising and eventually overtake other self-starting drivers.

Shifting gears

Shifting gears focus

And six paragraphs down probably, I should tell you what I will be focusing my effort from now on. Just about right, right? So here it is – I will be sharing my experience, knowledge, and skillset with businesses by focusing on:

  1. Digital Strategy
  2. Social Media Strategy
  3. Campaign Strategy
  4. Analytics
  5. Training and Workshop

Basically, I will be helping companies elevate their game by analyzing their current digital marketing setup, their go-to-market digital approaches, the success metrics they are focusing on, etc. with the sole goal to increase reach and ROI (Return On Investment). I realize that this is a bit oversimplified, but this is a blog post, not a lecture. ;)

And while I am shifting gears through my consulting, I will not be afraid to pull up my sleeves and get my hands dirty or transfer knowledge needed for everyone to feel comfortable enough to carry on long after my involvement came to its natural end.

If you came this far down into the post, I’d like to ask you to visit my homepage and go through it. If you find something useful, do let me know. Or if you know someone who might benefit from my services, holler at them. The same goes, if you see a typo, a missing link, a quick design error, etc. Just let me know.

I am not driving an automatic, I’m driving a stick – more focus on bootstrapped fuel consumption, clutching and shifting gears on the curves, speeding up and slowing down whenever it is needed… This sort of thing.

And if you you are a returned visitor and miss my old blog, which was parked on this domain, you simply need to go to where you will find all blog post which are not related directly to my business.

But before I get into gear… Barman, a round for everyone! A business is born! Cheers!

PS. Do not drink and drive. Never. Ever.

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