Digital Analytics

Digital analytics and how you are able to digest them and reach the right conclusions are what usually sets you apart from your competitors. This combined with measuring the right metrics that can give you insights on your performance online is the cornerstone of your business success.

No matter whether you are setting the KPIs for your new campaign strategy or you are looking into which metrics you will need to set for your social media or content strategy, you will find out that this is an integral part of you achieving your goals.

Especially when you consider the customer journey map and how analytics help you identify possible areas for optimisation or gaps which can help you gain leads, convert them to deals and sequentially keep them as a happy and return customer.

Digital Analytics Framework

My approach revolves around the following phases:

Digital Analytics Framework

In my experience, digital analytics is a marathon with an ever-changing and demanding track terrain with its ups and downs, which requires thinking a few steps ahead and planning for scalability from the start. Preparation is key – so, choosing the right tracking methods, platforms and key performance indicators will set the ground for whether you successfully reach the finish line (your business goals) or you will get lost along the way (too much irrelevant data).

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