Campaign Strategy

Your digital campaign strategy can make or break the new product, feature or service you are launching or your lead generation. Every single stage is vital to the success of your campaign, in the sense that no single one can be approached in a superficial way.

Starting from the preparation and planning stage, moving on to creating all the content and formats will need and then executing the strategy and making sure you are monitoring and drawing the right decisions to optimise the campaign on the go.

Campaign Strategy Framework

Choosing the right channels, contents and formats fitting the campaign’s purpose and serving the objectives and goals are crucial. As described in Social Media Strategy, different objectives and goals require different approaches, KPIs setting and measurement tactics. It is important to also note that digital campaigns rarely stand on their own. They are usually part of your marketing mix involving all promotion materials supplied throughout your customer journey.

Talking about customer journeys, I have found it really helpful when there is a customer journey map already developed. It allows any marketing and sales professionals to have a 360 view of all the touchpoints, messaging and material supplied, key stakeholders and possible gaps. This way, once a campaign is about to be undertaken, the campaign strategy and its integration across all touchpoints are much easier.

Drawing from my experience in campaign management for a variety of industries (Healthcare, Tech, Music, Sports and others), I will be happy to help you define your campaign strategy, map your customer journey and create a playbook with principles you can use for your next campaigns.

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