I help businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic, gain more ROI and improve commercial success in the digital space.

A comprehensive list of digital consulting services aiming to bring your effort further through providing you with the knowledge (via workshops), the strategic framework or the tools (platform setup, checklists, how-to cheat sheets, etc.) and other services.

Digital Strategy

How do you combine platforms, content and available resources in order to make online the impact that will bring you the biggest bang for the buck and achieve your business goals?
Together, we start by performing a digital audit of the status quo, then we move to map your customers' journey and we finish by coming up with a detailed plan on how to get you where you want to be.

Social Media Strategy

Do you need to up your social media strategy and performance? Which are the right channels for your business? What kind of content strategy you should have? How should you execute it?
Let’s get together and find the optimal social media approach for you and how to communicate with your target audience or generate leads through social selling.

Campaign Strategy

No matter whether you are introducing a new product, a feature or a new app, I have the experience and knowledge to help you put SEO, PPC and other channels into working for you and bring you the exposure you need to succeed.
Let's channel your owned, earned and paid media into the right direction - building unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Digital Analytics

Numbers are great, but what is better than having them is data + perspective.
Together, we work together towards identifying the right metrics and KPIs to look at, put them in one place and make sure that they are available to you whenever you want to look at them. Knowing what to look for and having it all in one place helps you make the right decisions faster and easier.