Consider The Medium - Travelling With The User

Consider The Medium – Travelling With The User – Part IV

Content’s medium is a major consideration when designing, developing, and creating to reach out to the user.

I have already touched on the content’s shape and its vessels. But in most cases, content needs to shift between mediums (or media to be exact). Some vessels take more, others not so much.

And it is not only about the number of lines, pixels, or other data that the vessel can transport but also about the tone and community surrounding it. These complicate a bit finding the right solution, but it is still an achievable task.

To achieve a good result, do your homework, which in most cases means research and sit-downs with all stakeholders trying to find the best way to approach the solution.

There are a variety of content touchpoints, different devices, and many possibilities.

Recently, my friend Ivan tweeted the following:

Let’s ponder on this for a while! We create a website, an app, a platform, or even a poster because we have content that needs to find its form of display. In one way or another, we design and create having content in mind.

Some might probably not agree, but we need to focus more on “content out” or “content first” design rather than designing for the sake of designing. This means that content should be the starting point of your digital project, not the colour scheme or the framework.

From Medium to Medium

Whether the content needs to be fluid, meaning it needs to flow from medium to medium flawlessly, its starting point needs to be designed around it. And I do not mean only websites, but rather anything that offers the first or main touchpoint to the user. It could be an info panel at a train station, a home-grown content management system, or a new book at the printing press.

The medium can make or break the content. It depends on you to show consideration, flexibility, and creativity to make the best use of the platforms or channels.

This post is part of a talk I gave at Bulgarian Web Summit on “Travelling With The User”. You can find the slides here

Image source: a screenshot of @mnmlivn’s original tweet.

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