Shifting Gears – Or Trying Something New

It feels a lot like shifting gears … For the past a little bit over ten years, I have been mostly in Park mode. Only for my freelance digital consulting projects, that is. But it sure looked to me like a parked car.

Are You Optimising For Voice Search?

Voice search is not just another buzzword gaining traction in meeting rooms, around water coolers or after-work cocktails. It is poised to become part of everyday business.

Social Media Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Every so often in my job or during my consulting gigs, I stumble upon the same problem over and over again – social media is perceived as a destination and not a journey.

Sous-Vide Social Media Strategy

Sous-vide social media strategy is what I call the tactical grey area approach to sharing external communications using employees’ private profile instead of the official company channels.

Ethics - Travelling With The User

Ethics – Travelling With The User – Part X

Nowadays, more and more voices are raised in defence of ethics. And not only in the real world but also in the digital one. Your work speaks for you. It is as simple as that.

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