Martech Setup Sartups

The Perfect Martech Setup for Early Stage Startups

Martech setup and marketing, in general, are often just an afterthought once a startup is being created. In many cases, founders are focussed first on the product, then on Sales and only after that on Marketing. And this is often a high price to pay down the road.

Shifting gears

Shifting Gears – Or Trying Something New

It feels a lot like shifting gears … For the past a little bit over ten years, I have been mostly in Park mode. Only for my freelance digital consulting projects, that is. But it sure looked to me like a parked car.

Voice Search Optimisation

You’d Better Optimise For Voice Search

Voice search is not just another buzzword gaining traction in meeting rooms, around water coolers or after-work cocktails. It is poised to become part of everyday business.

Social media is a journey

Social Media Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Every so often in my job or during my consulting gigs, I stumble upon the same problem over and over again – social media is perceived as a destination and not a journey.

Sous-Vide Social Media Strategy

Sous-Vide Social Media Strategy

Sous-vide social media strategy is what I call the tactical grey area approach to sharing external communications using employees’ private profile instead of the official company channels.

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